Preparing to go to sea as a pirate

I’m busy winding down my land based existence in preparation of a watery one. Having already cut my mobile data connection as I shan’t be near a friendly, cheap, cell phone mast in a long time. From hereon in, WiFi will have to suffice, luckily to include a satellite access point with extremely limited bandwidth. I shall have to arrange a proxy to keep you all informed as to my whereabouts and of the adventures.

Our Maltese registered yacht, Charlie-Victor-Two-Seven has yet to be named, sponsored and vinyl-wrapped. This we are told is imminent and we should know her race name before the week is out.

One issue remains outstanding, my USA visa, denied, still pending. What an absolute tragedy that would be, not being able to see family and best friend in their own country? Ruthie had this brainwave that I should vicariously show her pupils the world as I encounter it, on ‘THE RACE OF YOUR LIFE’. An honour it shall be, to have 20 United States child supporters following our maggot race trails across the charts and oceans, all willing us to perform our best. She’s told them I’m a pirate. ‘What work does he do?’, ‘Nothing he’s a pirate, he sails the seven seas.’ So I’ve bought a tricorn hat to keep the illusion going. What an irony it would be if we are named New York. My guess is that we have a 50% chance with Derry going to Josh.

The choices are simple: What do I take with me? What do I leave in storage? My car is to be transferred into Matthew’s name as his insurance will be cheaper to arrange with him the keeper. He is currently insured to drive three cars, so why not another? This car I’ve had since new and in spite of my abuse, never servicing the thing, it has served me reliably and faithfully for over a quarter of a million kilometres. She really deserves a name as she has been such a good companion and has shared in some of my happiest moments, always such a pleasure and real fun to drive. The close ratio, six speed box second only to the five speed equivalent in the same car has a lot to do with it as well as it’s balanced handling. We’ve pirouetted in the snow together drifting doughnuts in the work parking lot, after overtime in winter, almost broadsiding a black Golf, luckily catching sight of a reflected street light through my passenger window just in time. Who buys a black car and then hides it in the dark?

I’ve had a go at net-making with mixed results. Architecturally it’s been a nightmare, starting without a clue as to what I was doing. It has to be abandoned as I can learn no more from it. There are mistakes in the beginning, skipped loops, that I find really irksome. Too many loops had been cast on and incremented too rapidly in the beginning. Finishing my net shopping bag is futile and a waste of twine.



    1. Thanks, Dario. I am pleased I’m not alone. Vancouver is near enough to Seattle to enable me to do the North Pacific Leg if I can be dropped off. Canada is not afraid of me and will allow me in with nothing but ID if I arrive by sea.


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