Are we intimidated?

Sat here at Beverley’s complete with USA Visa and ready to go, I reflect on how I came to be in this position. Am I running away to sea? Off on a grand adventure? Trying to find my limits? Following the dream of my ten-year-old self? Making new friendships? Seeing new things? Exploring the world? Just up for the challenge and hardship required to circumnavigate our entire planet? To see nature in the raw?

I guess it’s all of the above. Am I intimidated by what the weather will throw at us? Oh yeah! Do I worry about keeping up with the crew or letting them down? Yes, I want to get along with everyone and not embarrass ourselves at the finish. For us all to remain safe and uninjured. Above all to experience the adventure with fellow mariner dreamers.

Some of us are really into our sailing and will be a real asset, guiding and teaching us. Others like me have only sailed dinghies. Some have no experience prior to the training given to us by the wonderful Clipper training skippers and mates. We are a motley crew from all walks of life and age, thrown together with the common purpose of competing for line honours.

Stuart is ahead of the game and speaks of how thrilling it is to surf the waves at twenty-seven knots during his Fastnet race.

The real truth is that I have no idea of what to expect or how I shall react and deal with what is about to face us.

Prep week begins on Saturday before we set off from Gosport to London. Expectations and exhilaration will peak amongst the competing sailors during the ten days prior to the race start. This is now becoming all too real.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam has just been announced as a race team. And here was I so convinced Team Josh would be named Derry as the crew has so many Celtic sailors.


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