I be joinin’ me ship soon

In th’ next few days, I shall be joinin’ me ship Dare t’ Lead. Thar be much t’ do afore settin’ out t’ sea, wha’ wit’ all th’ ratlines t’ be replaced, new canvas t’ be bent on ‘n all th’ grub ‘n drink t’ be loaded. Some o’ us eat naught but vegetables ‘n fish, others but vegetables alone, some even cannot stomach the crabs. Most o’ us are yet polywogs havin’ ne’er crossed south o’ th’ equator.

Th’ crew seek thar fortunes ‘n yearn t’ fill thar dreams wit’ adventure. Th’ cap’n be a steady scallywag ‘n th’ first mate, he be yet a sprog. Th’ crew are hard ‘n rowdy ‘n merry ‘n are nah against a pint or two. Every scallywag ‘n wench o’ us intends t’ ‘ave a raucous time ‘n t’ win th’ loot.

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