Crew Allocation Day

And… So the day, at long last arrives. Quite an epic event it turns out. Emotions run high as the crew names are read out. After all the speeches have been made and the route is laid out for the most part, until Panama, the Skippers were called up one by one and individually introduced to their crews. Their mates were announced first followed by two passes of each of them reading out their crews.

Skippers on stage

Whoops from the audience are barely suppressed as crew acknowledge their skippers. I was made to wait until the second to last skipper, Guy read out my name on his first pass.

Watch the whole thing
My crew
The Clipper “sorting hat”

Each crew then went off separately to get to know one another and to do some bonding. Guy has made a good impression and crew has been very positive. We all realise that this is a race and our prime objective is to all cross the finish line. With a following wind that should hopefully be with the most podium finishes.

Discussion on values

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